When I grow up.
Jay Bendt, 2014.

This sketch had been haunting the bottom of my hard drive for over a year (it was a test with brushes I had created at the time), so I finally decided to take the time to finish it. I have to admit I missed goofing around digitally.

I wanted to be a gazillion things when I grew up. Being an austronaut only lasted for as long as it took me to find out what pirates were (a la sword-fighting Pirates of the Caribbean ones). 

Jay Bendt Tumblr turned 4 today!

This blog is already 4 years old. I feel old. I was a bright eyed innocent 22 year old when I made this blog. Sheesh.

At any rate, thank you all who follow me on here. All 880 of you. You’re all lovely :) and here’s to a bunch more years. 

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Found it!! Time to listen to HP (for the 100th time) while I work. Couldn’t find my other iPod (old dinasour one, 2nd gen) to listen to green rider, so HP it is.

A quick color job. I had to take the Daily Doodle and cut it out of my sketchbook for scanning, so figured might as well.  A bit different from my usual, immensely colorful work…even though ink and brush are a pain in the ass and I haven’t done anything with them since college, I really enjoy the look, especially with a limited palette…Might have to squeeze it into my work more often. 

 I’ve decided she’ll be the first color postcard-print to go out for patrons $10+ Rewards, and her sketch will be the first giveaway come the first week(ish) of October.


Oh, Girl! 

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Daily Doodle: 004.

Making up for the fact that I probably won’t be making a drawing tomorrow Saturday (I’m trying to be like a normal human being and allow myself one day off…has never worked well but I’m going to start enforcing hours).

Since King George (my fountain pen) ran out of ink, I had to grab whatever I had, which usually means a bottle of ink…and then it’s never so much a doodle as much as a finished thing.


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