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Hola, friends! I wanted to let you know I have a newsletter! and you should join it. 

There are some pretty awesome things that are about to happen! Fingers crossed, by January I will be embarking on the most exciting and terrifying things. I update my facebook page and this personal page with art and news, but I know not everyone logs on facebook (or twitter, or tumblr, or [insert x here for social media website), but everyone has an email! So I created a newsletter for those who want to embark with me. Mostly, updates will be about behind the scenes, inspiration, shop updates, and bits and pieces of life. I promise not to be spammy and to keep them short and sweet.

Plus, what’s more convenient than receiving an update to your email? you don’t have to log on anywhere, type in any address, or even get on your computer if you don’t want to. That’s what phones are for. So here it is:

I will also be offering goodies and shop treats to those exclusively on my newsletter, so it’s always a good reason to sign up!

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Happy Friday!

Changes coming and consolidating my efforts

From the Blog:

On Monday I had to write one of the hardest blog posts I’ve ever had the displeasure of writing. It was over at the Print & Pillage blog, where I admitted defeat. Or at least, it felt that way back when I created it. I am used to juggling a lot of things and as life got more and more hectic (house buying, moving, work, etc), illustration became something I worked on when I could spare a few minutes; the shop itself got placed on the back burner permanently, and eventually I stopped working on it entirely. So when I wrote my post saying that I would be consolidating my efforts by putting the shop’s blog (along with its twitter and instagram) on hiatus, I felt as though I had failed at something. I spent all week stressing over it. In fact, I worried and fretted and stressed out about it for quite a long time before Monday.

Now that I’ve had the week to step back and really see my choices for what they are, I am happy that I did. It would have been fantastic to devote the time to building and creating a good online presence for both my illustration and P&P, but for now I think everything will be more cohesive and more well thought out if I only have to look at is as one big project instead of two, and having the shop under my portfolio and presence can allow me to experiment with other things I haven’t before (hello screenprinting, hello textiles!) The overachiever in me will have to cope for now. So there’s a silver lining! There will be a lot more stuff coming. Starting with a print and set of notecards of the little WIP you see above. Keep an eye open for it!


(via Rising Tide « Jay Bendt)

I found this buried in the pages of the interwebs…and then I got overly excited.

For those who do not know him (seriously? get out of from under those rocks now!), Warren Ellis is a fantastic person and writer of one of my all-time favorite web comics FreakAngels (now finished). He had once upon a time posted a piece of mine (back when my work was much, much more different - and too embarrassing to show on here now), and now he has shared it again.

The first time it was immensely flattering, that he has done so again is beyond happy tears for me because I Am Fan Girl.

So thank you, Mr. Ellis.  


I’m cheap, and not ashamed of it. Say hello to my $15 dollar, pre-loved, solid wood drafter’s table complete with T-rulers and a stool (not pictured, I liked my chair better). I’m slowly chipping away at my studio. It’s not vogue worthy, but it’s my little slice of heaven. 

"Going up in Smoke", 2014
Client: The Boston Globe Magazine

I am finally able to share this one! This is my first (huzzah!) editorial assignment and it was fantastic to work on. The piece is about why it’s a bad idea for the Olympics to come to Boston in 2024. Many thanks to AD Ryan Huddle for being fantastic and basically letting me have fun with this one.

Also, Happy Birthday to me! I turned one year older today, though it doesn’t feel any different than being younger 24 hours ago.

Wild at Heart, 2014
Gouache & Digital
Jay Bendt

This one had been sitting there staring at me with accusation the longer I left it unfinished. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s movie, and the iconic “Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?” line. One of my favorite disney films, even if it’s totally trippy.

This will be available as a print by tonight.

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