Taking a break from being a busy homebody to share these with you. Every beginning of the year, I go through my camera and basically clean out my card. This time I stumbled upon a ton of pictures from our Summer, but here’s a few from a particularly fun day with friends. Our 4th of July last year. I can’t wait for it to come again! fair time!

And for those of you wondering, my husband’s the one in the white shirt. 

Anonymous: Wow, your art is absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the vividness of the color you create with watercolors. I'm definitely going to look into buying a print for a friend's birthday kinda soon!

I am so glad to hear this!! Leave me a note in the buyer comments once you purchase so I know it’s you!

Anonymous: Happy birthday! your art always brightens my day :)

This made me smile from ear to ear. Hearing that means a lot!! And thank you!

lundiestdelamerde: I have an art boner of your mastery of water colors. I could not learn to do them even halfway to save my life.

An art boner is pretty much the absolute best compliment an artist could get from anyone. I am so glad you like it! and practice! it takes a while to learn how to handle them but  they’re amazing to work with once you can learn to let the water do its own thing. 


Its my sisters birthday today and like the poor soul i am i cant really get her anything nice. But i know i do have a lot of followers and shes an artist and i want her to have a bigger following.

Would you do me the huge favor of following her and reblogging this as my birthday gift to her?


You’re the sweetest baby bro ever <3! I love you! And thank you to all who have already followed me!

Guys, I have amazing brothers. Seriously. ;-; <3333